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Take your septic system from failing to functioning for half the cost

You know your septic system is on its last legs, but you dread the cost of replacement. You got a few quotes to replace it and they’re all different, with huge dollar signs you never anticipated.

SludgeHammer will transform your septic system

SludgeHammer can give your septic new life, taking a failing system to truly functioning again based on sophisticated microbiology and wastewater engineering.

How does it work?

We get it… SludgeHammer sounds too good to be true, but modern technology combined with natural, biological solutions extends the life of your system and can eliminate the need for septic field replacement.

Get a Consultation

Find a local SludgeHammer provider to give an estimated life for your septic system, look for any other back-up causes, and learn if SludgeHammer is the right fit.

Install SludgeHammer

We add a patented SludgeHammer pump to your existing septic system to provide the oxygen needed for bacteria to thrive.

Add the Blend

Unlike other additives, SludgeHammer introduces new bacteria that cleans wastewater in your tank, then continues on to restore your septic field.

SludgeHammer Really Works

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Whether you live in a single family, community, or mobile home, our simple, robust systems are easy to set up and process wastewater at a lower cost and half the energy consumption of our leading competitors. Learn how we can help you save thousands of dollars on septic replacement.


No matter your business, proper wastewater disposal and reclamation are essential. Most commercial septic systems are costly and time-consuming, and failure damages your property and ultimately, the environment. Call us to learn about our energy-efficient, cost-effective septic solution.


How do I know if my septic tank is failing?

Symptoms of a failed septic system vary from surfacing effluent in the area of the disposal field, surfacing over the septic tank, strong odors, more lush grass over the disposal field and backed up plumbing and drains. 

How long will it take to rejuvenate my disposal field?

There will be an immediate improvement in septic tank function. Some systems require more time to improve disposal field performance than others. Generally, we see an improvement within the first week. We have always seen an improvement within two weeks. Complete rejuvenation, to the point where soil has returned to normal porosity, takes an average of two to three months. This can change depending on the extent of the failure. 

What happens to the excess bacteria after the disposal field has recovered?

The SludgeHammer continues to inoculate the natural SludgeHammer Blend bacteria into the effluent stream. The bacteria continue to inoculate the soil pores and keep the disposal system from future failure. The numbers of bacteria respond to a food to organism ratio: more food, more bacteria: less food, less bacteria. If, at any future time, there are insufficient nutrients in the effluent stream to “feed” the Sludgehammer Blend bacteria in the soil, the surplus bacteria die and become “cell hulls” or humus. If there is an increase in nutrients in the effluent stream, the SludgeHammer Blend bacteria in the soil multiply accordingly and consume these nutrients. It can be said that the system is self-regulating. 

How much does it cost to operate the SludgeHammer pump system?

The airlift pump uses less than 40 watts of power. At 14 cents a kilowatt, your cost would be about 13 cents per day. This represents a 90% savings over most conventional systems. 

What happens if I sell my property?

A warranty is transferable to the new owners after your authorized SludgeHammer dealer evaluates the change of usage that the septic system can expect. A limited warranty may be issued. If it is determined that no change in septic usage is expected, so long as the new owners continue the annual maintenance agreement, the warranty continues in effect for the life of the home. 

How does the SludgeHammer work?

Septic systems are closed systems by design. This means, other than household wastes, no other material is allowed to enter the system. This also means that no other bacteria may enter the system until the septic effluent enters the soil pores. Unfortunately, this means the vast majority of bacteria in the septic system are anaerobic (without air) intestinal bacteria that are inoculated into the system every time we flush our toilets. These bacteria create the major problem in septic system failure. They secrete slime-like material, scientifically referred to as a mucalpolysaceride. This slime like material protects the bacteria, while in our intestines, from acids and enzymes from our stomach, from our immune system in the intestinal absorption tissues, and from other bacteria and predators of bacteria that pass through into the intestines. Importantly, the slime also protects these anaerobic bacteria from oxygen. Oxygen is toxic to these anaerobic intestinal bacteria. The problem occurs when these intestinal bacteria, entrained in the effluent from our septic tanks, contact the soil in the disposal field, they form a super colony and secrete this slime-like material in copious amounts that eventually clogs the soil voids and pores and the disposal field fails. This slime, having clogged the soil pores of the disposal field, is called Biomat. In 95% of disposal field failures, the cause is Biomat clogging of the soil pores. The SludgeHammer solves this problem simply. The SludgeHammer is the most efficient aerator of septic effluent. The exposure to oxygen kills the anaerobic intestinal bacteria in the septic tank. The SludgeHammer also inoculates the septic tank with powerful SludgeHammer Blend soil bacteria that digest the organic material in the septic tank. The SludgeHammer Blend bacteria then travel within the highly treated septic tank effluent into the failed disposal field. There, the SludgeHammer Blend bacteria digest the Biomat that is clogging the soil pores. With the Biomat gone, the soil pores are free to accept septic effluent again. The disposal field is restored. As long as the Sludgehammer is operated in the septic tank, the system cannot fail from Biomat clogging of the soil pores. 

What are my responsibilities as the homeowner?

There is no homeowner maintenance that needs to be performed. It is important, however, that you use reasonable septic system practices. Do not allow toxic substances into the septic system. Do not put petroleum products into the system. Be aware that fungicides and other pesticides can kill bacteria. Do not allow non-biodegradable materials into the septic tank. Latex or rubber products, aluminum foil, plastic and metal items are examples. If there is ongoing antibiotic treatment (more than 10 days duration) or chemotherapy treatment for any member of the household being served by the septic system, your authorized SludgeHammer dealer should be contacted immediately. It may be necessary to increase the amount of SludgeHammer blend bacteria we use in the SludgeHammer unit. The annual maintenance inspection will guarantee you a trouble-free septic system. 

About SludgeHammer

​Dr. Dan Wickham, a PhD in biology, worked for many years detoxifying petroleum-contaminated soil using micro-organisms. He used the same biotechnology in wastewater treatment, bringing applied microbiology to the industry. SludgeHammer is working in thousands of septic systems and industrial waste systems to keep your groundwater, lakes, and rivers clean. It even prevents algae blooms in lakes and ponds.

SludgeHammer is not just an additive you flush down your toilet: this patented aeration pump provides the oxygen necessary for good bacteria to thrive, then the Blend introduces new bacteria to your field to make your wastewater cleaner than before.

We know that the cost of septic field replacement is only going up, but SludgeHammer products reduce contaminants and restore systems so you not only save money, but truly protect the water around your home.


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